Hands On Fiberglass Repair Training

If you want to take your fiberglass repair training a step further, Universal Fiberglass Repair offers a 4 day hands on training course in Vero Beach, Florida.

What this whole thing is about is technique and knowing the proper procedures for doing quality repairs. We will show you and you’ll be doing hands on repairs of chips, cracks, holes and an array of other types of repairs you can run into. This is step by step instruction, all the way.

As you’ve seen so far there are very little actual products involved in fiberglass and acrylic repairs. Take for instance an average tub repair which should take no longer than an hour to complete and will cost the tub owner about $145.00. The total product used? Approx. $5.00. The average floor repair will run about $450.00 and take approx. 2.5 hr to complete. Total product cost? Approx. $40.00. And when you’re getting into repair work for hotels and apartment complexes and doing 15, 20, 30 tubs in a day the potential is tremendous.

Remember that you’ll be able to use materials like sandpapers over and over again. Your Preval paint sprayer over and over again. You can get approx. 20 averaged sized repairs out of 1 Preval. As far as actual paints, thinners, fillers and compounds used, we’re talking ounces.

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Schools typically run Thursday thru Sunday and are a $4,900.00 investment. You can earn that amount in a week.

If you’re serious about getting into this business quickly and have interest in our training school, please contact us by e-mail at: mail@universalfiberglassrepair.com

What Else Will You Learn?
  • How Do I Approach The Tub Manufactures And Distributors To Increase My Business Potential?
  • How Do I Know What To Charge?
  • How Do I Set Up My Billing And Receivables?
  • Who Do I Bill And Who Not To Bill?
  • How Do I Charge For My Travel Time?

Fiberglass Repair Training

You can have a lucrative business with minimal competition and tons of potential customers. We thoroughly train you in fiberglass and acrylic repairs and show you how each job can produce over $100+/hr in income. Each class is limited to only 4 students to ensure personal hands on training. Contact us now to learn about our upcoming class schedules.