About Universal Fiberglass Repair

With over fifty years of combined experience in the fiberglass repair world, we’ve done every type of repair imaginable and have made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing so. We have over 30 years of experience of hands on training of entrepreneurs and employees.

We’ve worked with and for almost every major manufacturer in the country doing their warranty repairs and even teaching their own employees how to repair defects from the production line. We’ve worked for individual home owners along with major hotels, apartment complexes and home construction developers.

We fully understand the differences between a factory defect and or a damaged unit and will explain the differences; there will be no doubt in your mind which is which.

Paul Griner started doing fiberglass boats and tub repairs back in 1978 as a partner of a small repair business in Indiana. After moving to Florida in 1982 he opened Sun Coast Fiberglass Co. focusing solely on the repair and refinish of fiberglass and acrylic tub, shower and whirlpool enclosures.

Growth & Expansion

Within a few years he became the number one independent manufactures warranty rep. in the state of Florida, contracting with well over 30 companies. He also did work for plumbers, building contractors and individual home owners along with the large plumbing wholesalers such as Hughes Supply (now HD Supply, owned by Home Depot) Parnell Martin, Ferguson Enterprises, Home Depot, Lowes and Home Expo. In 1985 after a few years of covering mid-southern Florida from Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa down to Miami and into the Keys it was time to expand and Robert Votaw came aboard. After only a couple of more years we expanded the business to having (4) four trucks on the road and even at that we were booking jobs out 4 weeks in advance.

We then expanded the business into doing training classes for entrepreneurs wanting to get into the repair business. We trained people from all over the US including other manufactures reps already in the business because we had perfected ways to cut their repair times in half and TIME IS MONEY as far as they were concerned. Several manufactures contracted us to train their own in house repair teams. In 1989 we produced “The Complete Guide to Fiberglass and Acrylic Tub, Shower and Whirlpool Enclosures” along with an illustrated booklet which the manufactures endorsed and started selling nation wide.

In 1990 Paul focused on the marketing of the training classes and instructional video while Robert handled the day to day running of the business. The repair end of the business was sold to one of our employees and is doing well to this day while we continued with the marketing and running of the repairs schools.

Fiberglass Repair Training

You can have a lucrative business with minimal competition and tons of potential customers. We thoroughly train you in fiberglass and acrylic repairs and show you how each job can produce over $100+/hr in income. Each class is limited to only 4 students to ensure personal hands on training. Contact us now to learn about our upcoming class schedules.