Why Use Our Fiberglass Repair Training System

Who Uses Our Product?
Who Have We Helped?

With over fifty years of combined experience as business owners and trainers we’ve done factory warranty work for almost every major tub and whirlpool manufacture in the country. We’ll show you how to repair it quickly and have the unit ready for use the same day.

Lucritive Opportunities

Are you looking for a fulltime or part time career? Are you a plumber or contractor who wants to expand or a property owner or maintenance man that just wants to do it themselves, we can put you on the right path.


Want a new career?

Are you looking for a lucrative business? Are you a plumber, contractor, property manager or hotel owner and your sick and tired of paying outrages repair bills? We all understand that for a home owner replacing a tub or shower enclosure the costs can go into the thousands of dollars OR it can be repaired for just cents on the dollar making you a hero and best of all, MONEY!!

We’ve trained men and women from 20 to 60 years old, people looking for a career or to supplement their current income. Let our experience go to work for you. This is a three part step-by-step instructional video on how to repair burns, chips, cracks, holes and even complete floor repairs on both gel-coat fiberglass and acrylic products and includes what tools and materials you will need and where to obtain them.

If you follow our proven and perfected process, resulting in undetectable repairs, it will solve your repair issues and save you a TON of money!

Fiberglass Repair Training

You can have a lucrative business with minimal competition and tons of potential customers. We thoroughly train you in fiberglass and acrylic repairs and show you how each job can produce over $100+/hr in income. Each class is limited to only 4 students to ensure personal hands on training. Contact us now to learn about our upcoming class schedules.