Fiberglass Repair Video Training System

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Is your tub or shower enclosure broken, burnt or just plain busted? Do you have chips, cracks, or even holes?

Do you want to get out of a boring, dead-end job and into a profitable new business?

Our fiberglass repair training videos will teach you everything you need to know to accomplish any type of fiberglass repair. Our in-depth course covers every type of repair, from simple scratches to gaping holes.

We show you how to do repairs in-place, without ripping out your tub or shower; most are done in under an hour.

You can do this! We make it easy.

Our complete course covers everything you need to know:

  • Required tools and where to get them
  • Materials for acrylic and gelcoat repairs
  • How to reinforce fiberglass
  • How to repair gelcoat products
  • How to mix, spray, and polish gelcoat
  • How to repair acrylic products
  • How to mix and spray acrylic lacquer paints
  • How to repair weak floors

We’ve even included a printable quick reference guide for use in the field.

You’ll never have to waste money on a repairman or replacement tub again. In fact, you can start making money with your own fiberglass repair business!

In the past, we’ve sold this training system to plumbers and contractors for $200 or more. Now, we’re making our proven fiberglass repair training video available to the general public for only $189.00!

Getting your hands on our system is easy!
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Complete With Digital Instructional Manual

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Full Length Fiberglass Repair Training Video

We’ve seen a lot of training videos on the internet. We found that a large portion of these training videos are incredibly brief and not nearly instructive enough for the customer which leaves their purchase with something to be desired. Our video is not like these. Our full length training video is over forty five minutes long and takes the time to provide detailed instruction and demonstration. In addition to our video, you also receive the accompanying manual for quick reference in the field.

Training Video & Full Manual

Our training video and instruction manual contains all the information and instruction you will need to begin making flawless fiberglass repairs. You’ll be able to fix:


Fiberglass Repair Training

You can have a lucrative business with minimal competition and tons of potential customers. We thoroughly train you in fiberglass and acrylic repairs and show you how each job can produce over $100+/hr in income. Each class is limited to only 4 students to ensure personal hands on training. Contact us now to learn about our upcoming class schedules.